Hamilton Pool Restoration Project, Travis County, TX

Hamilton Pool ProjectThe “Hamilton Pool and its Receiving Watershed Restoration Project” was awarded the ACEC Texas Gold Medal/Eminent Conceptor Award and an ACEC National Recognition Award.  The project was also awarded the American Society of Civil Engineers Texas Outstanding Civil Engineering Award for 2012.

The recipient of the ACEC Award is determined after all First Place Winners in the Engineering Excellence Awards are selected in each category, and the project with the highest overall score is awarded the Eminent Conceptor Award.

The Texas OCEA Award may be given on an annual basis to a completed project that demonstrates the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and to society which was designed and/or built in Texas.

As Project Manager, Dr. Harkins designed and recommended the restoration plan for the direct removal of silt and invasive plant vegetation from six miles of Davis and Hamilton Creeks. Over 6,500cubic yards of silt were removed. Dr. Harkins then designed a pump and treat on-site system to remove over nine feet of silt from HP. Awards were presented in Austin, TX and Washington, DC.